Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Cornucopia of Halloween!

Hanging Witch Hat
Hello again!  More Halloween decor to feature.  I know I should have been smarter and posted some of these say last week, but I didn't.  Better late than never.   One of these days I will slow down and document as I go, that is if I remember to do so!

Anyway, this post has my decor that is mostly store bought and then just pieced together by myself.  Like this witch hat I hung on my front door.  I found the hat at Target in their bargain bin for $2.  The orange berry sprays and bow I bought at Michaels.

I have admit that with all the supplies and decor I bought this fall, I didn't buy anything that wasn't on sale.  And even one purchase I wound up getting $100 worth of supplies for $35 thanks to a super sale at Michaels and a coupon for 20% off my entire purchase, including sale items, thank you very much!  You gotta love a great sale!  That and those wonderful bargain stores like Big Lots, Ollies and the dollar stores keep my crafting obsession at a pretty low cost.

My next project was a "potted" witch.  Lucky for me, when we bought our house seven years ago, I found the black cauldron planter in a flower bed in the yard.  Unfortunately, until a month ago, it sat in the flowerbed upside down full of dirt.

The following photo was my inspiration, which I found over at Pinterest.  After repinning, I visited the blog it came from,  Birshykat.  Great ideas over there by the way.  Now that I see mine next to it, I see how much more elegant it is than mine. 

So consider mine an ode to many of our financial states these days -- short and squatty!   Or if nothing else, I call it whimsical on a dime.  And, that is literal.  The boots were an old pair of mine that I spray painted black.

I bought the witch tights at Target for $4 and spider webbing and black "hay" for $1 each at none other than the dollar store.  As I previously mentioned, I already had the cauldron pot.  I also already had the stuffing for the legs and dowel rods that I slipped into the legs to help them stand up.  Oh, and I almost forgot, the broom I found at Michaels for $2.99.  Bargains do a soul good!

The real pumpkin compliments of the local farmer's market and the plastic carved Jacks I have had for almost 20 years, a Salkeld Halloween tradition.  Not to mention now that my boys are in college, we can get away without having to carve a Jack! 

My little trick or treater ghost I have had for almost 15 years.  Up close it's wear and tear is evident.  It used to have little packets of fake candy glued into its treat bag.  I bought him long ago at a craft fair and he has adorned our front porch every Halloween since.  This year I added the devil ears.

Pumpkins at the farmer's market this year were very plentiful.  I've never had a white pumpkin, so I bought the huge one and three small ones.  Note to self:  It seems that the smaller white pumpkins tend to rot quicker than any other pumpkins.  At the time I had taken this photo, one had already been placed in the compost pile in the backyard, may his little pumpkin soul R.I.P.

Mr. Albino Jack has a face made out of black sticker letters......those are 'w's for the mouth.  I didn't have enough 'm's.  Now that Halloween is over, I can de-face him so he will be fit for Thanksgiving decor.

I hope you have enjoyed my conglomeration of posts on Halloween.  You can look at it either way --- late for this year or early for next year! 

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